DiRenzo Coal Co., LLC
Quality Anthracite Since 1930

Our Strategic Location at the Center of
America's Largest and Most Productive
Anthracite Coal Field allows us to economically
blend  from different coal seams for
Optimal Quality & Performance

We produce all of the following standard
sizes of Pennsylvania Anthracite Coal...

    Egg - about the size of a softball  
    Stove - about the size of a baseball
    Chestnut - about the size of a golfball
    Pea - about the size of a quarter
    Buckwheat - about the size of a dime
    Rice - about the size of a corn kernel
    Barley - about the size of a rice grain

    Custom Size Blending is available.
Please inquire.
    About Anthracite Coal...

    Anthracite is the highest rank of all coal types due to its high content of
    carbon and low content of volatile matter. This high rank, together with
    other physical characteristics; makes Pennsylvania Anthracite a unique
    natural resource with many versatile uses and applications...including the

  • Space Heating & Hot Water Generation in automatic stokers
    or hand-fired stoves
  • Boiler Fuel in industrial / commercial steam or heat generation
  • Filtration Media in municipal and industrial water treatment systems
  • Source Carbon in Steel making processes
  • Reductant in Ore Smelting, including  Zinc, illmenite, Iron, & Copper
  • Novelty in Blacksmithing, Model Railroading, & Landscaping

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