DiRenzo Coal Co., LLC
Quality Anthracite Since 1930
Below are Photos of our Coal Processing Operation in
the Center of America's Largest Anthracite Coal Field.
Near Pottsville, PA
A view of our Operation. Our large, level, well drained and maintained
yard allows for quick, clean, and efficient truck loading.  Our yard &
loading conditions are considered the best by many industry truck
Our Modern Coal Processing Plant with Fully Enclosed & Heated
Clean-Coal Storage Bins.

The Bronze Coal Miner Statute below stands proudly near Minersville, Pa. in Honor
of the all past and present Anthracite Coal Miners. This recently completed
tribute and memorial was made possible through generous contributions of many
private businesses, including
DiRenzo Coal Co., as noted on plaque at the base of
this landmark sculpture.  Congratulations to all who made it possible.
Our Modern Plant with view of Drive-Thru Truck loading bay.